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sometimes I wish I never got into star wars. I feel unwelcome in the fandom and its made twitter unbearable. I've been wasting time elsewhere online instead. I'm working on some new page ideas for my site.
filled out more job apps this week as well and got one rejection. got approved for unemployment though.
diet is going okay. I went on a 1.3 mi walk the other day which was nice. I want to try to go walking and running more often, but I hate people seeing me.


I have felt so weird being at home without a job, even though it's really only been one day. I couldn't sleep at all last night till 5 am. I've just been doing a bunch of stuff on my site to kill time and distract me. I am thankful for this outlet.
I did submit my resume to apple and amazon and I'm just really hoping an at home job works out for me.
I'm starting a diet today also. I really need to and I hope it helps me feel better. I also want to start trying to go for walks more often.


my last day of work was yesterday. saw the endocrinologist today and I really need to take better care of myself. life is hard.
been doing some little things with the site today. added more blinkies and stamps, a couple of links, a clock to the home page. mitch bought me cats and dogs and island living expansions for sims 4 so I'm gonna spend the rest of my day downloading cc and playing.

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